"Cerrar los ojos y pretender que algo no sucede no hace que deje de ser verdad." - Cazadores de sombras: Ciudad de hueso, de Cassandra Clare

martes, 6 de mayo de 2014


Kendare Blake is an import from South Korea who was raised in the United States by caucasian parents. You know, that old chestnut. She recieved a Bachelor's degree in Business from Ithaca College and Maester's degree in Writing from Middlesex University in London. She brakes for animals, the largest of which was a deer, which sadly didn't make it, and the smallest of which was a mouse, which did, but it took forever. Amongst her likes are Greek Mythology, rare red meat and veganism. She also enjoys girls who can think with the boys like Ayn Rand, and boys who scares the morality in people, like Bret Easton Ellis.

  • Sleepwalk Society (2011)
  • Anna dressed in blood (2012)
  • Girl of nightmares


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